Las Mariposas Residential Home Sites
Building Lots in San Pancho

Offered by LP Development
Lawrence Luttrell & Judith Cuenca
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USA Phone # 707-337-8943
Mexico +322-139-6220

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Our intention for Las Mariposas is to create a group of home sites for individuals who will respect not only one another, but also the environment and the peacefulness of this place. Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. This seemed like a fitting name for this neighborhood as there were many butterflies in the air as we walked it the first time. We also thought of the metamorphosis of this once overlooked space into a lovely neighborhood and the possibility for changing lives by offering such a space to others.

Las Mariposas is a unique, small subdivision located in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico, locally referred to as San Pancho. This small pueblo is located directly on the Pacific Ocean surrounded by beautiful palm trees and jungle lands. There will be available for your dreams, 8 lots ranging in size from approximately 350 sq. meters (3500 sq. ft.) to 500 sq. meters (5000 sq. ft.). This will provide more than enough space for your house, garden, pool, studio, meditation room or whatever you have dreamt of having built.

Building costs in this part of Mexico run from about $65 to $100 per sq. ft. depending on your amenities and finishing choices. All of these lots will be on flat ground which will simplify the structural process and minimize building costs. We can provide some sample floor plans and the names of some excellent builders and architects in the area.

The lots will include full access from a public road and also a private road for the use of all property owners. Sewer, water, underground electricity and phone lines will be available for hook up at each lot. There will be some landscaping along the sidewalks, the border of the property, and in any public spaces.

We would like to suggest that future owners keep certain guidelines in mind. The purpose of these guidelines are not to restrict any individual's activities, but rather to insure, as much as possible that the integrity of the project will stay intact and that the personal spaces of owners are protected. We also are proposing a very low annual maintenance fee of approximately $480 per lot, per year, to cover the expenses of the private street area, trees and various landscaping. As the development progresses we will better define these guidelines to best fit all future homeowners.

Buildings will be residential and guest spaces such as a primary home, vacation rental bungalows, casitas, granny units etc. This should all be done with a sense of integration on the land and within the neighborhood. As per the code of San Pancho, buildings are to be a maximum of 2 stories and may include a roof terrace or palapa above that. All water storage tanks, satellite dishes, solar panels etc. are expected to be out of view of other residents.

We suggest that building footprints would not exceed 60% of the lot size. This will insure that 40% of the entire project will remain as green/garden areas, hopefully planted heavily with natural floral and jungle vegetation, which will also attract beautiful birds and many butterflies back to this area. Each home site will provide space for off street parking, keeping vehicles out of view as much as possible.

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